Schools are extremely important to FISAF Australia as they provide a grassroots opportunity for young people to participate in sport aerobics and fitness and gain an understanding of its benefits.  Being a sport that aligns closely with Government initiatives related to active living and healthy lifestyle choices, sport aerobics is becoming a rapidly growing sport offered to students around Australia.  

For schools, sport aerobics provides a unique and inclusive sport for students that is fun, healthy and cost effective.  It encourages teamwork, friendship, and boosts student morale.

Programs for Schools

FISAF Australia designed its School Stream to encourage and support schools from around Australia to compete in FISAF competitions through a simplified approach. Students have the opportunity to represent their school at regional and state competitions, and qualify to compete against students from schools across Australia at the FISAF National Championships.

FISAF Australia has developed a range of resources, including pre-choreographed routines, to assist schools in getting their sport aerobics program started. The resources can be used to integrate sport aerobics and fitness into part of the school curriculum, or as a co-curricular activity.

Why do schools love running sport aerobics programs?

There are so many benefits to schools in offering sport aerobics to students.  Some of these are:

  • It supports government initiatives around health, physical activity, and wellbeing education
  • It is an increasingly recognised and rapidly growing sport nationally
  • It is an activity that can be carried through to adult life
  • It promotes school spirit, personal growth and can be a point of difference within the school’s curriculum and/co-curricular activities
  • Schools enjoy participating in a sport that is inclusive and positive for students of all levels and abilities.

Who can participate?

Students in Prep through to Year 12 can participate in a range of sport aerobics categories.  The School Stream document outlines the competition year level age groups and category options available.  This document can be found here.

Getting Started

FISAF has created a comprehensive information pack to assist schools to implement a sport aerobics program for their students – School Sport Aerobics Information Pack.

Schools are also eligible to compete within the Elementary, National and International Streams – See Clubs for more information.

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