There are number of sport aerobics clubs around the country who participate in the FISAF competition program throughout the year. The competition framework supports athletes through a developmental pathway which includes the Elementary, National and International Streams.

Elementary Stream

The Elementary Stream supports athletes, who wish to participate and compete in an entry level section of the competition program.  This stream is suited to participants who are new to the sport and it assists in the development of technique and execution of choreography and entry-level skills. This stream is suitable for school teachers or new coaches who are not quite ready to choreograph a routine.

The Elementary Stream is divided into two phases, consisting of primary and secondary aged routines per phase. Phase 1 is designed for beginners, and does not involve complex skills or choreography. This is the perfect starting point for athletes wanting to begin Sport Aerobics, as only basic skills are required. Phase 2 provides a progressive pathway for athletes who have developed beyond Phase 1. These routines involve slightly more advanced choreography and skills.

The Elementary Stream offers competition sections for individual athletes, pairs, or small teams (3-5 members).

The Elementary packages (Phase 1 and Phase 2) include the following:

  • Full professional choreographed competition routines
  • Routine videos on a USB drive, including full routine facing back, full routine facing front and breakdown of each routine section
  • Professionally mixed routine music (MP3 music files via USB drive)
  • Complete written choreography notes, lesson plan and basic training tips (printed in bound booklet)

The Pre-Choreographed Package can be purchased from the FISAF Australia Shop.

For more information on the Elementary Stream rules and regulations see Resources.

National Stream

The FISAF Australia National Stream provides an opportunity for athletes wishing to develop to an elite level, or who are continuing to consolidate their skills. The dedicated National Stream is designed to assist athletes of a higher ability to develop towards international level through experience, performance, and feedback by the National Judging Panel.

National Stream rules follow closely to the rules set out by FISAF International (International Stream), however some categories and sections have been adapted to suit Australian competition needs.

For more information on the National Stream rules, regulations and sections offered please see Resources.

International Stream

The FISAF Australia International Stream strictly follows all technical rules and regulations set by FISAF International. This stream strongly focuses on the importance of an athletes ability to perform complex skill elements, movement patterns, whilst aiming to complete their routines with exemplary execution.
The International Stream is a qualifying pathway, aimed at Australian athletes who intend to gain a place on the Australian team in order to compete at the FISAF World Championships.

For more information, visit FISAF International Technical Regulations.

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