Values & Objectives


FISAF Australia proudly advocates the following values for sport aerobics in Australia:

Recognising and appreciating the contribution that individuals make to the sport in our country, and treating each one with courtesy and consideration.

Behaving in an impartial and just manner, and treating each individual and organisation equitably.

Honoring commitment to the sport and its development in Australia, and encouraging each individual and related organisation to act in a dependable, accountable and honest matter at all times.

Maintaining and promoting safe procedures, demonstrating due concern for others, and striving to prevent and/report dangerous or unsafe behaviour or incidents as early as possible.

Responsibilities & Objectives

FISAF Australia’s main objective is to drive a positive, credible and high quality delivery of sport aerobics and fitness throughout Australia.

In particular FISAF Australia will:

  • Serve as the governing body for FISAF sport aerobics and fitness activity in Australia
  • Exercise jurisdiction over state and national activities, and promote international competition
  • Encourage, promote the development of physical fitness, sportsmanship and participation in sport aerobics and fitness competition and activities in Australia
  • Educate members and the public about the sport and its competition opportunities in Australia
  • Assist with the development and promotion of programs for member organisations and individuals
  • Provide a system of rules and guidelines with which to govern sport aerobics and fitness in Australia and appropriate means for enforcement that is fair whilst protecting the integrity of the sport
  • Disseminate all rules and guidelines, and any changes to the rules and guidelines in a timely and appropriate manner to all members
  • Facilitate the the swift and equitable resolution of conflicts and disputes involving its members
  • Work with affiliate organisations, and other user groups to encourage participation and education of sport aerobics and fitness in Australia
  • Develop and maintain a clear accreditation framework and competency maintenance program for coaches and judges, and assist with the education of such as required
  • Protect the right of any athlete, coach, trainer, manager, administrator, or official to participate in competitions without discrimination on any basis
  • Provide effective and timely communication via its website and other social networking forums to all stakeholders as appropriate
  • Work together with FISAF International in its mission to protect the integrity of the competition and of the sport, and promote its presence to the public.
  • Strive for sustained competitive excellence in sport aerobics and fitness
  • Manage the qualifying and selection process of individuals and teams to represent Australia at international competitions, and certify the eligibility of such individuals and teams in accordance with the applicable international rules
  • Provide the strongest possible Australian representation at all international competitions.

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