FISAF Executive Committee

The FISAF Australia Executive Committee (EC) has been formed by invitation to members of our community who are in a position to be able to advise on high level decisions that relate to our code, and the direction of our sport.  These members have been involved in FISAF Australia in multiple ways for a long period of time, and their involvement in sport aerobics is their primary occupation. They possess the expertise to actively contribute to the committee and positively serve our FISAF community. 

The EC is responsible for the following matters: 

  •  Review and decide on strategic changes 
  •  Review and decide on rule changes submitted by the Technical Committee 
  •  Discussion of future strategic plans and projects 
  •  Grievances and dispute resolution 
  •  Selection of Technical Committee members
  •  Communicate and collaborate with FISAF International Representative/Consultant – Lucy Goddard

The FISAF Executive Committee comprises of:

  • Tracey Speville (VIC) 
  •  Kira Trevarrow (SA) 
  •  Pip Mainwaring (QLD) 
  •  Nicole Coull (NSW) 
  •  Brie-anna Howson  (VIC) 


Our Technical Committee (TC) will work alongside our Executive Committee to focus on the growth and development of Sport Aerobics and Fitness in Australia. 

The TC is responsible for the following matters:

• Approval of Requests to Compete
• Review and make suggestions on stream and category changes, for approval by the Executive Committee
• Provide input to Executive Committee discussions when required
• Provide advice on other competition-related matters.

The FISAF Technical Committee comprises of:

  • Kristy De Lore (NSW)
  • Gemma Macmillan (QLD)
  • Brenton Andreoli (VIC)
  • Sandi Heard (SA)
  • Meg Ryan (QLD)

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