FISAF Advisory Panel

The main aim of the FISAF Australia Advisory Panel is to be actively involved in the growth and development of sport aerobics and fitness in Australia.

The FISAF Advisory Panel comprises of:

ChairJoanna Mills
Head Judge - School StreamTracey Speville
Head Judge - Elementary StreamGemma Macmillan
Head Judge - National StreamSandi Heard
Head Judge - International StreamKristy De Lore
Judging AdministratorTracey Speville
Worlds Team ManagerTracey Speville
General MembersLeah Dougherty (VIC)
Brie-Anna Howson (VIC)
Katie Cummings (SA)
Casey Douglas (QLD)

Roles and Responsibilities

Advice and Dispute Resolution

The main role of the advisory panel is to provide advice on issues, questions, concerns or ideas brought forth by FISAF Australia members, which may fall outside of the decision making scope of Inspire Events Australia (as the official holder of the FISAF membership in Australia).

Resource Support

The Advisory Panel assists with funding various initiatives to help develop the sport in Australia. Examples of such initiatives are purchasing and storing the official FISAF competition floor (used at National Championships), assisting with costs for Australian judges to travel to world events, etc. In addition to this, Advisory Panel members also provide extra assistance and volunteers at state and national events, where possible.

Sport Development

Provide support towards growing sport aerobics and fitness around Australia. This includes referring new individuals, clubs and schools to FISAF, attending conferences, volunteering time to assist with developing new programs in schools, providing input to media enquiries, and other relevant assistance.

Technical Review

Review the rules and information relevant to the competition Streams annually, and decide on appropriate improvements.

Contact Information

The Advisory Panel can be contacted at

Schools Development Committee

The Schools Development Committee is a sub-committee of the Advisory Panel. This Committee works to develop and promote sport aerobics and fitness to schools, and assist them to implement FISAF programs and participate in the competitions around Australia.

The Schools Development Committee comprises of:

ChairPip Mainwaring
QLD RepresentativesNicole Courtie
Lucy Goddard
VIC RepresentativeEmma Chapman
SA Representative
NSW RepresentativeNicole Maslowski

Contact Information

The Schools Development Committee can be contacted at

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