FISAF stands for the Federation of International Sport Aerobics and Fitness. It is an independent, not-for-profit, international sport aerobics association with over 30 member countries around the world.

What is Sport Aerobics?

Sport Aerobics combines elements of traditional aerobics with dance and fitness.  High intensity routines are performed to energetic music, that include a variety of skills and movement patterns.

Sport Aerobics is an inclusive sport that is suitable for girls and boys of all ages and abilities. The sections and categories offered by the sport require different skills and cater for varying abilities.

FISAF in Australia

FISAF Australia is the national governing body for FISAF Sport Aerobics. We are dedicated to the development, promotion and regulation of sport aerobics competition. We do this by ensuring the enforcement of fair and equitable rules and procedures, and by endeavouring to advance the level of sport aerobics in Australia from novice level to International level competition.

FISAF Australia Executive & Technical Committees

The FISAF Australia Executive & Technical Committees are responsible for the enforcement of fair and equitable rules and procedures, in order to advance the level of sport aerobics and fitness in Australia from novice junior level to international competition.

For more information go to Committees.

Inspire Events Australia

Inspire Events Australia (trading as FISAF Australia) holds Australia’s official membership to FISAF International. Inspire Events works in conjunction with the Australian Advisory Panel to uphold the integrity of the sport, and to deliver the highest quality competition events around Australia.

Inspire Events Australia is an independent organisation tasked with the delivery of all administrative and event activities for FISAF in Australia. This includes memberships, competition entries, advertising, education, and development of FISAF in Australia. With a fully qualified team of professionals, Inspire Events Australia prides itself of providing exceptional service and support to the FISAF Community in Australia.

Meet The Team

Joanna Mills

Director / Chair – FISAF Australia

Joanna overseas the operation of Inspire Events Australia, and is dedicated to driving positive growth in sport aerobics. She actively develops new initiatives to enable FISAF Australia to remain at the forefront of the sport aerobics and fitness industry. Joanna provides strategic guidance to ensure that all activities are aligned with FISAF Australia’s values and objectives.

Jade Hanson

Event & Administration Manager

Jade’s primary responsibility is organising and managing each of the FISAF Australia competition events.  As part of this, she also administers memberships, competition entries, documentation, event promotion, staffing and a host of other event and member-related matters.  Jade is the first point-of-contact for all FISAF stakeholders, including clubs, schools, athletes, suppliers, judges and coaches. Jade’s friendly and approachable manner, combined with her years of experience in FISAF ensures that clients needs are met with professionalism and efficiency.  

Natalie Mills

Sport Development & Marketing Manager

Natalie is responsible for growing awareness and participation in FISAF sport aerobics and fitness around Australia. She works closely with schools and clubs to assist in the development of new programs. Natalie is also responsible for sponsorship and marketing various events including conferences and FISAF competitions.

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